Netent is one of the most respected online casino game providers in the industry and they have several games in their portfolio. These games consist of live casino games, Table game and slot games. However, of all these categories, the most popular and diverse is the video slot game. This game has several themes however, it is majorly dependent on luck. The reason is that it does not require any skill to play. However, other games, requires some level of skill to get a good result. If you want to read more about playing online casino games, you can check out

Choosing a game

If you want to win at online casino games, the type of game you choose is very important. As explained earlier, the slot games are easy to play but largely dependent on luck. This is the reason you should not go for them but instead go for table games that offer you a bit of control over the result that comes from each round. As for If you want to learn more about playing online casino games, you can check out fecadiz-sahara . There are different table games you can choose from as Netent has several varieties of them available

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Poker

These table games have different playing style. As for Blackjack, the game requires that you get a hand that is higher than that of the dealer and less than 22. As a beginner, your major aim is to first try to stay below 22. It is advised that when you have a hard 18, you should stand. This is because, at that point, you have a higher chance of hitting 22 than beating the dealer. Also when you have a pair of ace, you should split it. With that, you have a better chance of beating the dealer than when both aces are in one hand

Also, when you have a pair of 8s, you should also split. A pair of 8 give hard 16 and sixteen has more potential to bust. By splitting, you will be playing single 8s on either hand and can get better chance at beating the dealer. Plays like this also go for Roulette. The rules governing roulette are quite simple. You only need to guess the number that a ball will fall on. However, when playing Roulette, you should go for the European table or French table. These two has a higher odds of winning than the American version


Betting strategies for table games.

There are different betting strategies that you can go for. However, there are some that are more popular than the others. Some of the common ones are Fibonacci, D'Alembert, Martingale and Card counting. The Fibonacci betting strategy is based on a popular mathematical sequence. The idea is to multiply your previous bet by the next number in the mathematical sequence whenever you lose a round. This will continue until you hit a win. Then you can use your initial bet for the next round. For this to be effective, you have to find a table with the lowest minimum bet.

Another betting strategy is the D'Alembert betting strategy. This is a strategy that is suitable for smaller bankrolls. However, you will need to choose a bet that has an odd that is close to 50%. The idea is to add a unit to your bet if you lose the previous round and remove a unit from a bet when you win a round. This strategy works when you have equal number of loses to equal number of wins. Another strategy you can use is the Martingale betting strategy. This strategy involves doubling your bet for every round that you lose and bet the initial bet when you win.